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"theatrical works always come with a very strong political message first, and here by saying political, I mean the social relationship among all of us. In creating theatrical works, I always have something that I want to address first, and then I find or I write a play to address it. Oftentimes, these theatre projects would turn out to be conversational and/or confrontational."


— Interviewed by Émeline Jouve, OpenEdition Journals 


"Theatre to theatre artists has its significant meaning in its vigorousness, its liveliness, its directness, which means that it’s always been the same. However, today, we have noticed that theatre is no longer the same as it was in the old time. The power relation between theatre and audience is actually what has changed. Therefore, what needs to change is not theatre itself, but both ends of this relationship. I do not mean to bring theatre back to the old time, to its prime time, but to envision that theatre in this relationship with audiences to be completely different."


— Interviewed by Hannah Wolf, Ask A Director




"The aesthetics of Blind are highly stylized, and the movements of the performers are ritualistic and meticulously choreographed, which fits both the religious context of the play itself, as well as the symbolic attributes of theatre as a sanctuary. 

This ambitious production impresses with its intellect and imaginative presentations..."


— Theatre is Easy



"The event, intended as a response to the beheadings, school shootings and other violence that have 'defined 2014,' will be directed by Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li of The Living Theatre 'in the avant-garde style long associated with the church,'...”


— New York Times

EXILE 5.42

"A group of Taiwanese performers in Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, and their body language, with an innovative approach, convey an idea to the foreign audience who do not understand Chinese: 'The incarcerated still have their rights; the prison system that shows disrespect to the incarcerated on the human right issues would only lead to more serious issues, but not actually help the incarcerated rehabilitate.'”


— Apple Daily News


"The New Trial will keep you on your toes and is an hour and a half roller coaster that catches you in freefall when you think you have seen the best of the ride. It is thought provoking and you will either look away in fear or be compelled to lock your gaze on a number of interactions that will not leave you disappointed as you are left to wonder if things have ever changed with the elite when all that is needed is a change of names.'”


— Asian In NY




"Through the designed space between the performers and the audience, it attempts to create a unique experience: 'in theatre, every second has its meaning. It is the most truthful yet most impressive experience, and this is the charm of theatre.'"

— World Journal