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Theater for the New City

September 2015

The (New) Trial Has Hints to a Past — Asian In NY

September 5, 2015


The New Trial will keep you on your toes and is an hour and a half roller coaster that catches you in freefall when you think you have seen the best of the ride. It is thought provoking and you will either look away in fear or be compelled to lock your gaze on a number of interactions that will not leave you disappointed as you are left to wonder if things have ever changed with the elite when all that is needed is a change of names. The gatekeepers are numerous and the right to know remains a frustrating experience.


《(新)審判》重新搬上舞台 — 星島日報 Sing Tao Journal

September 4, 2015


目前擔任紐約生活劇團(The Living Theatre)藝術協理的李岳燁,畢業於台灣師範大學英語系、紐約大學表演藝術研究碩士後,專職從事外百老匯獨立劇場工作及劇場導演,本周李岳燁與舞台設計陳幼欣等四名台灣劇場人參與第六屆Dream Up戲劇節演出,李岳燁表示,自己從小就愛政治劇場,來到紐約之後,發現劇場講求賣票、娛樂,令他萌生執導《(新)審判》的念頭:「藝術間也有階級……人與人之間存在權力關係,改變它,就是改變社會的開始」。

The (New) Trial_9.JPG

Cat Radio Cafe Aug 31 — WBAI

August 31, 2015


Award-winning playwright/director Richard Maxwell and actress Tory Vasquez on the Theater for a New Audience's re-mounting of Maxwell's play "Isolde" in which Vasquez plays the title role; Living Theater director Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li and Artistic Director Brad Burgess on Li's production of "The (New) Trial," an adaptation of Peter Weiss's stage version of Kafka's fiction; and documentary filmmaker and MacArthur 'Genius' Fellow Stanley Nelson on the New York release of his film "The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution." Hosted by Janet Coleman and David Dozer.


THE (NEW) TRIAL to Run 9/1-6 at Theater for the New City — Broadway World

August 26, 2015


Continuing the legacy and the belief of The Living Theatre, in The (New) Trial, director Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li attempts to deconstruct societal compliancy and the hierarchical power relations among the characters in the play, hoping to stimulate critical thoughts. To manifest this essential concept, actors will explore the dynamics between the different characters and break through the fourth wall to share personal experiences of their lives as actors on/off stage. A giant mirror will cover up the stage floor for actors to be fully aware of the power relations to the self.

Taiwanese Director Brings Asian Aesthetics to Experimental German Play — Beyond Chinatown

August 23, 2015


While post-war German theater may seem esoteric, the story of the individual is relevant to our increasingly connected and corporate world.   Through this production, Li hopes to transcend national and ethnic boundaries and bring recognition to the diversity of professions Asians have chosen to pursue.

台美人「新審判」 戲劇節放光 — 世界日報 World Journal

August 20, 2015


旅美台籍實驗劇場導演李岳燁執導的「(新)審判」(The 「New」 Trial)再度入選「Dream Up」戲劇節,故事改編自德裔Peter Weiss的作品,通過戲劇審視現代社會的權力結構。

Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li’s “THE (NEW) TRIAL:” an experimental adaptation that explores identity and the power hierarchies that confine and define us — Dream Up 2015

August 19, 2015


The rehearsal process for the show is flexible and experimental, with Li giving the actors complete freedom and always open to adjusting the roles and staging. Li says that he holds off giving too much feedback right away on blocking or lines and instead empowers the actors to come up with ideas and think about the meaning behind the words. He wants the actors to perform themselves onstage and “just be you without trying to impersonate someone else.” This approach enables a deep connection with the script and makes each actor that much more invested in the final product. Hoffmann says that there is no competition amongst the actors and that they work as an ensemble, bringing together their diverse backgrounds to create something powerful. Li says that this dynamic between the actors is what drives many of his choices as director because relationships and the way we see ourselves in the presence of others are key questions that the play seeks to examine.


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