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Theater for the New City

April 2017

An ambitious attempt to connect abstract symbolism with performers' individual responses to the current political climate.  — Theatre Is Easy

April 14, 2017


Li’s apt direction makes it a natural process for the audience to follow the characters’ points of view: you are given just as much information as the characters, as they discover and navigate their situation. You become simultaneously an observer and sympathizer; you wait with the characters as if you’re just another one of the blind, but also feel as if you’re the one they’re waiting for, and the agitation gives you a sense of helplessness, as well as guilt for your inaction.

玩味政治 川普時代下反思『左派』的一實驗劇作《盲》 — 多維新聞 DW News

March 21, 2017



Experimental Work BLIND to Reexamine the 'Left' in the Age of Trump at TNC — Broadway World

March 6, 2017


Li sees Maeterlinck's "The Blind" as "a perfect fable to address the contemporary sociopolitical and artistic state." He points to parallel with the past as many people "compare the current situation to the Sixties" and protest comes of age again as the streets and sidewalks themselves filled with unscripted theater. However, such parallel has yet led to a strong engagement to social change, and has yet created a powerful artistic movement. "Blind" is thus meant to be an answer to those who argue that "art is apolitical," as it is believed, nowadays, that theatre too easily becomes a tribute to the past, rather than a tool to look at the present and take action.

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