Theater for the New City

August, 2013

written by Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li

directed by Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li

Claire Shang-Ling Kuei as ACTOR A  |  Hsin-Yuan Peng as ACTOR B  |  

Anthony Walters as MAN WHO WAITS A | Owen Scott as MAN WHO WAITS B / GODOT


Producer: Claire Shang-Ling Kuei, Mika Yin-Chih Lee, Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li  |

Assistant Director: Utako Nakayasu | Stage Manager: Wanning Jen, Mika Yin-Chih Lee  |  

Lighting Designer: Yi-Chung Chen | Scenic Designer: Yin-Chiao Liao  |

Costume Designer: Sienna Huang  |  Sound Designer: Shu-Ying Chung | Graphic Designer: Lisa Lee  | Production Assistant: Mini Gu, Grace Li, Yu-Chien Liu

"Upcoming Train/Stopped Clock/Untitled Waiting" is partially funded by Ministery of Culture, Taiwan.

Two characters waiting on the train platform, but never get on any regardless how many have passed. Not until another two (who are actors on stage) take off from the train do they finally realize what they are waiting for isn’t the train but actually Pozzo. Inspired by Waiting for Godot, this play will examine the ridicule of the quotidian life, of the artistic life, and raise an unanswerable question: what are we anticipating?


"Upcoming Train/Stopped Clock/Untitled Waiting" is a manifesto of the ritual of waiting, presented by four characters representing the general public and artists. The ritual, addressed upon life/death and reality/illusion, will be practiced by metatheatre and paronomasia within the conversation among the animate beings (characters) and the inanimate beings (mannequins), and further by the embodiment of the sufferings from the ritual itself to accent the timelessness and the ridicule of the action itself.