Dixon Place

January, 2018

written by William Shakespeare

adapted by Toney Brown

directed by Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li


Thomas Walker as LEAR  |  Maite Uzal as GONERIL  |  Abby Jasmine Rose as REGAN  |  Chun Cho as CORDELIA | Kevin Lynch as DUKE OF ALBANY / KENT


Producer: Dixon Place, Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li  |  Stage Manager: Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li  |  

Lighting Designer: Yi-Chung Chen | Sound Designer: Yung-Chin Chang  |

Graphic Designer: Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li

Having been fooled by the language and turned mad, King Lear finally understands the very meaning to Cordelia’s “love and be silent.” By deconstructing King Lear’s relationship with his three daughters in a trial scene, “L.ear” examines the complexity of language and communication, and how it reflects the current political state.