The Living Theatre

January, 2013

written by Judith Malina

directed by Judith Malina


Leah Bachar  |  Sarah Braenne  |  Soraya Broukhim  |  Brad Burgess  |  Jay Dobkin  |  Eno Edet  |  Leonie Ettinger  |  

John Paul Harkins | Thaddeus Harvey  |  Jen Emma Hertel  |  Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li  |  K'Sandra Nova  |  Mary Round  |  Tom Walker  |  Fabian Zarta


 Set design by Nicholas Benacerraf  | Lighting design by Simon Harding  |  Music composition by David Personne

Assistant Director: Nathan Shreeve

HERE WE ARE takes a look at how decisions are made and how we govern ourselves. It seeks to find better solutions to our problems. The ensemble and the audience work together to manufacture and perform the potential creative possibilities for a post-revolutionary world of beauty and non-violence. The play explores the inadequacy and inefficacy of the voting process, which is the core of our own poorly organized society -- and is largely responsible for why we do not live in the world we want.