SESC São Paulo, Brazil

November, 2017

created by The Living Theatre

LIVING THEATRE ENSEMBLE: Leah Bachar  |  Brad Burgess  |  Natalia de Campos  |  Jessica Daugherty  |  

Brad Hamers | Monica Hunken  |  Mattias Kraemer  |  Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li  |  Lois Kagan Mingus  |  

Philip Santos Schaffer  |  Ilion Troy | Thomas S. Walker | Equiano


Curated by: Ricardo Muniz Fernandes, Andrea Saturnino & Inês Cardoso
Executive producers: Ricardo Frayha & João Fernandes da Luz Moreira

Electric Awakening investigates how we can  awaken the dormant powers within to dismantle the systems of corruption and death that enslave us.


Electric Awakening is a treatise of the body’s revolt.  Our memories and identities are written across our flesh so we return to the body to wipe the slate clean and start over; forge new systems and new relationships with one another.