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(haute surveillance)

New Ohio Theatre / Directors Fest, Drama League

January, 2019

written by Jean Genet

directed by Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li

Arash Mokhtar as GREEN EYES  |  Christian Elan Ortiz as MAURICE  |  Jorge Luna as LEFRANC

Producer: Travis Ballenger |  Production Manager: Libby Jensen |  Company Manager: Gracie Esmonde  |

Stage Manager: Melanie Aponte | Lighting Designer: Lois Gordon  |  Scenic Designer: Diggle  |

Sound Designer: Marc Jablonski  |  Costume Designer: Sabrina Bianca Guillame​ | Prop Designer: Claire Brady  |  

Fight Director: Brent Schultz  |  Choreographer:  Antonio Brown

In Jean Genet’s gripping, claustrophobic mas- terpiece -- which preceded later works like THE MAIDS and THE BALCONY -- two prisoners vie for supremacy and the admiration of one of the most respectable criminals in the prison: Green Eyes. DEATHWATCH turns inward to upend our notions of class, crime, and desire. Genet’s deft, thrilling exploration of identity and society may be set in the direst of circumstances, but its issues and struggles could very well be the people next door...or even ourselves.

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