Judson Memorial Church

January, 2015

written by Sigmund Freud

directed by Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li

CREATIVE DIRECTION: Lighting Designer: Yi-Chung Chen  |  Production Manager: Drake Tyler  |

Graphic Designer: Serge Ghio | Program Writer: Mazalit Haim  |  Musician: Toby Twining


READERS: Stanley Aronowitz  |  Rabbi Andy Bachman  |  Justin Vivian Bond  |  Tom Carter  |  Marcelle Clements |

Cory Conley  |  Joan Copjec  |  Simon Critchley  |  Michael Cunningham  |  Muriel Dimen  |  Sherry Dobbin  |

Larry Fessenden | Nick Flynn  |  Shelley Hirsch  |  Marie Howe  |  Gersh Kuntzman  |  Henry Zvi Lothane  |

Dale Peck  |  Ann Pellegrini  |  Bruce Reis | Charles Strozier, and many more


COORDINATING COMMITTEE: Will Braun (Co-Chair)  |  Tracy Morgan (Co-Chair)  | Jacqueline Ambrosini |

Micah Bucy (Judson Associate Minister)  |  Muriel Dimen  |  Jill Gentile  |  Mazalit Haim  |  Mary Hayley  |

Michael Mungiello (New Books in Psychoanalysis Intern)  |  Esther Sperber  |  Drake Tyler  |  Aleksandra Wagner |

Becky Wisdom (Public Relations)

Civilizations and Its Discontents, remains the definitive text on human destructiveness. As beheadings, school shootings, war, police brutality and sexual violence continue unabated contemporarily, its relevance is undeniable. “Men are not gentle creatures,” Freud wrote, “but ... creatures whose instinct [is] aggressiveness.”


The OutLoud! Series, in conjunction with Judson Memorial Church and New Books in Psychoanalysis, host a dramatic marathon reading of Freud’s Civilization and Its Discontents, responding to the violence that has defined 2014. Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li, artistic associate of The Living Theatre, is directing in the avant-garde style that is long been associated with the Church.