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Burning Man

August, 2014

created by Leah Bachar, Michaelangelo DeSerio, Lin Laurin, Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li

inspired & mentored by Judith Malina

LIVING THEATRE ENSEMBLE: Maria Aparo  |  Leah Bachar  |  Maximilian Wells Baudisch  |  Iris Berngcrantz |

Michaelangelo DeSerio  |  Brandon Fisette  |  John Paul Harkins  |  Stefanie Harris  |  Mattias Kraemer  |  Lin Laurin |

Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li  |  Mark Merritt  |  Javier Mora  |  Jen Pitt  |  Mary Round  |  Philip Santos Schaffer  |  

Thomas Walker | Abbey Watt


Producers: Lin Laurin, Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li, Leah Bachar, Michaelangelo DeSerio, Maria Aparo  |  

Associate Producers: Philip Santos Schaffer, Mark Merritt  |  Curation: Lin Laurin and Leah Bachar  |  

Camp and Theatre Design: Michaelangelo DeSerio  |  Décor/Interior Design: Lin Laurin and Leah Bachar Production Management: Maria Aparo, Michaelangelo DeSerio, Lin Laurin  | Transportation Management: Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li  |  Technical Direction: Michaelangelo DeSerio, Maria Aparo  |  Assistant Technical Director: Mark Merritt  |  Resident Lighting Designer: Yi-Chung Chen  |  Resident Audio Engineer/Designer: Zakarias Lindhamma  | Theater and Camp Building Crew: Michaelangelo DeSerio, Maria Aparo, Mark Merritt, Yi-Chung Chen, Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li, Sasha Maslov, Leah Bachar, Lin Laurin, Iris Bergcrantz  |  Resident Tech Crew Member: Matthew Forton  |  Documentarians: Sasha Maslov, Craig Duff, Gaia Squarci  |  Culinary Heads: Iris Berngcrantz, Lin Laurin  |  Production Assistants (Pre-Production): Abbey Watt, Brandon Fisette  |  Representing Board Member: Garrick Beck, Chairman

The Burning the Living Theatre Festival was a collective devised project that was the first ever theatre festival held at Burning Man. We fulfilled a unique and original niche within the growing counter culture city of Black Rock, Nevada, offering a plethora of performances, lectures and workshops. More then ever theatre needs to be something present among the people, and the concentration of Artists at BRC presented an amazing opportunity to do just that. BtL brought together a wonderful menagerie of company members ranging from 19 to 67 years old from diverse creative and educational disciplines. In range of company experience the festival brought together and bonded a range of company members spanning from 65-year company veterans to brand new members. The festival gave the company the opportunity to expand both their individual and collective artistic understanding both internally through other company members but also through festival artist cross-collaboration and audience exchange. It was the final production of The Living Theatre’s 67th season. In scope of budget, company participation, and cross-collaboration it was the largest production for the company this year.

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