Blind postcard back.jpg


Theater for the New City

April, 2017

written by Maurice Maeterlinck

adapted & directed by Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li

ENSEMBLE: Leah Bachar, Brad Burgess, Chun Cho, Monica Hunken, Kevin Lynch, Equiano Mossier

Producer: Theater for the New City, Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li  |  Assistant Director: Toney Brown  |  

Stage Manager: Toney Brown | Scenic Designer: You-Shin Chen  |  Lighting Designer: Yi-Chung Chen  |

Sound Designer: Yung-Chin Chang | Graphic Designer: Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li

"Blind" is partially funded by Ministry of Culture, Taiwan, and is made possible by The Living Theatre

Twelve abandoned beings try to figure out their present and the future, but eventually subdue to their fate. Blind, the adaptation of Maeterlinck’s same titled play, is a contemporary fable to address the issue of social engagement in the current society.